I'm Dom.

I'm a Zagreb based designer that specializes in 3D visualization. Currently working as an industrial / marketing designer, I'm slowly migrating towards gaming / movie industry with my art. Even though I'm experienced with CAD software's such as Fusion360, I only started working with 3D modelling software's such as Blender and ZBrush around late 2019. I'm still exploring different segments of 3D art, from modelling and texturing, to animation and VFX. 
As an avid gamer, I've spent a big part of my life exploring virtual worlds. I fell in love with more stories than I can count, and I wish to one day create new stories for others to experience. After studying the philosophy or art in video games I started putting more effort into my renders. Every object has a past, every character has a story. No detail too small, no task too hard, in my opinion, that is the path to perfection.

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